Tree Removal

Are your trees losing branches? Has your tree died? Is your tree in a slow decline? Is the bark falling off or are there cracks developing? Are mushrooms or animals present on the tree? Has the root system broken into your septic system or damaged your driveway? Falling trees can cause significant damage, contact us and we can help you remove them

Tree Selection & Planting

Adam’s Tree Service offers tree planting as well. Our Certified Arborist can help you pick the perfect tree for your location and our team will plant it properly so it thrives.

Pesticide & Fertilization

Are your trees in decline? Do the leaves look funny, droopy or discolored? Is your tree losing branches? Not sure why, could be bugs? Our Certified Arborist and licensed Commercial Applicator can help, schedule a consultation.


Are your trees’ limbs getting too close to your house or nearby power lines? Does your tree have dead or dying limbs? Are your trees’ limbs rubbing against or competing with other limbs? Adam’s Tree Service offers limb reduction, tree shaping, canopy raising, and tree thinning services.

Cabling & Bracing

Do your trees’ weak branches need support? Cabling and bracing can help support limbs in danger of breaking. Falling limbs can cause costly property damage or physical injury

Stump Grinding

Do you have an unsightly stump that you never got around to getting to? Need a tree and stump removed? Adam’s Tree Service has a stump grinder that can tackle any job you can throw at it

Not sure exactly what your trees need? Contact us! Our Certified Arborist is available for consultation.